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Immigration detention centres:
Out of sight, out of mind?

Unless you have been detained, or you know somebody personally who is detained, you are very unlikely to ever visit an immigration detention centre, know where they are, or be able to imagine what conditions are like for people inside.

Each week during Unlocked16, Unlocking Detention will shine a spotlight on a detention centre – allowing people to share their experiences of the week's detention centre (either from being detained, or knowing or supporting someone who has) and their views on immigration detention in the UK.

The tour will be taking place through tweets, Facebook, photos, blog posts and other interactive material


Help shine a spotlight on immigration detention

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Every week there will be new pieces to read from diverse authors, on many different topics relating to detention. Be informed, and help to spread the word online and in the real world out there.

Find out more - Read some background information about detention, check out the report of the parliamentary inquiry.

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get your MP involved

Get your MP involved

The first-ever parliamentary inquiry into detention called for radical reform of the detention system. Find out who your MP is here. Ask your MP to read the report, and support its recommendations for fundamental change - or tell them what you think should be done about detention.




10 Oct to 16 Oct:
Short Term Holding Centres and prisons

17 Oct to 23 Oct:
The Verne

24 Oct to 30 Oct:
Brook House/Tinsley House

31 Oct to 6 Nov:
Morton Hall


7 Nov to 13 Nov:

14 Nov to 20 Nov:
Campsfield House

21 Nov to 27 Nov:
Yarl's Wood

28 Nov to 4 Dec:


5 Dec to 11 Dec:

12 Dec to 18 Dec:
Conclusion of #Unlocked16 tour

What would you miss...?

Last year for Unlocked15, we asked people to send photo-answers to the question:

"What would you miss if you were locked up, without trial, without time-limit?"

Or, if you have been in detention: "What did you miss most when you were detained, locked up without trial, without time-limit?"

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