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Too many laws, not enough justice – voice from Haslar

(We received this blog entry from Henry who is in Haslar Immigration Removal Centre.) My name is Henry, aged 53, and though of Nigerian and Sierra Leonean mixed parentage, I have spent the last 31 years of my life in the United Kingdom. I have a British wife, and two sons who were born here. I was arrested and detained since [...]

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"As the weeks pass their demeanour changes…"

Refugee Action are members of the Detention Forum and used to provide advice about assisted return to people in detention, before the Home Office withdrew the contract.  These are some of the experiences of one of their caseworkers: [At Dover IRC], we run an advice surgery at the removal centre. Today it’s grey, windy and drizzly, but on a clear day we [...]

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Detained at the UK border: mould, cat calls and barbed wire

Ali McGinley of AVID - a member of the Detention Forum - writes for the #Unlocked series in Open Democracy on detention in short-term holding facilities. Key statutory instruments governing the use of detention do not apply to holding rooms at ports or short term holding facilities. Some 7,000 vulnerable individuals are held each year for up to 7 days in [...]

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Kuka on the Parliamentary Inquiry

This post was written by Ivo Kuka, who has experienced immigration detention.  His testimony was provided for Detention Action's forthcoming annual report. In 2008, the Independent Asylum Commission did an assessment of the UK’s asylum system. They decided it was time for a ‘root and branch review’. I arrived in the UK in 2012 and I was put on the Detained [...]

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The art of listening?

By Eiri from the Detention Forum Yesterday morning, I joined colleagues from Right to Remain, Detention Action and JRS UK who nervously gathered at the JRS UK’s headquarter in east London.  We had a reason to be nervous. Last month, the Co-ordination Group of the Detention Forum produced guides for individuals and groups to encourage others to take part in the [...]

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New BID report on the hidden use of prisons for immigration detention

This week, Bail Immigration for Detainees (BID) published a new report 'Denial of Justice: the hidden use of UK prisons for immigration detention'. As of the 31 December 2013, 2,796 people were held in immigration detention in immigration removal centres, in short-term holding facilities, and in pre-departure accommodation, but a further 1214 people were being held as immigration detainees in the [...]

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"This is not what I was expecting. This prison is scary": HMP The Verne

By Ben from Detention Action, with testimony from Jamal who was detained in HMP The Verne.  Detention Action is a member of the Detention Forum. On 24th March 2014, vans carrying migrants began arriving at HM Prison the Verne. Jamal was one of the first 30. He says he will never, ever, forget looking through the van windows up at the [...]

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Foreign national prisoners: the fear of being forgotten

By Francisca Stewart, 12 September 2014.  Francisca works for Article 1, a member organisation of the Detention Forum. Published at OpenDemocracy, as part of a series of articles on unlocking detention   Too often for foreign national prisoners in Britain, the completion of a prison sentence is followed by a period of limbo behind a new set of bars while the [...]

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Unlocking Detention, Unlocking Change

By Eiri from the Detention Forum Immigration detention is often hidden.  It is hidden behind the gates and barbed wires.  It is hidden at the back of people’s consciousness.  It is also hidden because many of us feel powerless in front of it and prefer not to talk about it. We cannot, however, afford to remain silent about immigration detention.  And [...]

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Shining a light on the inhumanity of the current system

By Ben from Detention Action Last Saturday I attended Right to Remain's annual conference in Bethnal Green, London. Bringing together local advocacy groups, grassroots activists and self-advocates from across the UK it was a wonderful opportunity to hear about different positive, working, successful campaigns fighting against the abuses and injustices of the asylum and immigration system. It was a raucously, refreshingly [...]

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