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A Letter to Harmondsworth

This letter was written by Shariff who was detained in Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre. ====================================================================== Dear Harmondsworth IRC, I know you are very busy at the moment but I have a few questions about the three months you held me in detention. Why do the rooms in Harmondsworth feel like you are living in a coffin? Do you do this on [...]

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Interrupting the implacable: fighting the Detained Fast Track

This piece by Jerome Phelps first appeared in openDemocracy on 27 October 2014.  Jerome is the Director of Detention Action. The UK Court of Appeal will hear an appeal this week over the lawfulness of automatically detaining asylum seekers while their appeals are heard. The era of expansion of this practice is already over and further change is likely.  The Detained [...]

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Handfast: a poem for Isa Muazu

Handfast For Isa Muazu by E. E. Jones Think of his starved hand Reaching for England As they stretchered him Towards the exit: his small wrist Helpless in the terminal Darkness, and his thin fingers, Through which Justice slipped. If you could stand and listen To his thin lips whispering freedom Like a password – his sole prayer To breathe our [...]

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Brook House week…

Brook House week...  12 to 18 Oct Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week they visited Brook House detention centre, near Gatwick Airport. ========================================================== Unlocking Detention visited Brook House Immigration Removal Centre, near Gatwick Airport.  This centre and another one nearby called Tinsley House, are visited and supported by our member, Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group.  They are also a member of [...]

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Campsfield week…

Campsfield week... 5 Oct to 11 Oct Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week they visited Campsfield, Oxfordshire. ========================================================== Unlocking Detention visited Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre just as the most controversial development was taking place in the area.  Recently, the Home Office made it clear that it intends to increase the size of  the detention from 276 beds to 560 beds. Our member, [...]

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Haslar week…

Haslar week... 28 Sep to 4 Oct  Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week when the tour visited Haslar Immigration Removal Centre in Portsmouth. ===================================================================================== After looking at the Short Term Holding Centres and prisons which are used for immigration detention, Unlocking Detention tour's very first proper visit was to Haslar Immigration Removal Centre. While getting ready for the [...]

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Music in Detention: reflections on three visits to IRCs in 2012

This post was written by Zoe Burton, Programme Manager (maternity cover, 2012 and 2014) for Music in Detention (MID).  MID is a member of the Detention Forum.  I was delighted to be recruited to Music In Detention as Programme Manager (maternity cover) in Jan 2012 to coordinate a number of participatory music making programmes in four Immigration Removal Centres. I had [...]

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Reporting Morton Hall – the media "myth"

Bridget Walker is an active member of the Detention Forum and works with a number of NGOs. She shares her personal reflection on the way the media keeps the myth of "dangerous foreigners" alive. ‘The death was used as an excuse for unrest’  [1] In September 2014 a man died in Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre.  His name was Rubel Ahmed, he [...]

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Helping the Other: particular experiences, universal outlooks

This article by Shauna Leven and Sam Grant was published as part of Unlocking Detention series on Open Democracy.  Photo credit - Regional Refugee Forum North East London’s synagogues have set up drop-in centres for destitute asylum seekers and are campaigning to end immigration detention. Shauna Leven and Sam Grant explore how the British Jewish community uses its particular history to [...]

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Voices from Morton Hall

In this blog post, two people currently detained in Morton Hall detention centre tell Leeds No Borders about their experiences. ''From 8pm til 8am we are locked up ... Phone signal is really bad so no one can get in touch. Even outside the signal is poor. If something is wrong in the night, no guards ever answer the bell. You [...]

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