Colnbrook, by post

This year, the theme of Unlocking Detention is ‘friends and families’ – we’re specifically focusing on the often unreported, or buried, ‘ripple effect’ of indefinite detention and the way this experience can have tragic consequences beyond the individual detained. In this special photo-essay for #Unlocked16, Jon* from the Freed Voices group shares letters he received whilst he was detained at Colnbrook detention centre for 99 days last year. These letters – from his younger brother, mother, younger sister and father – provide a harrowing inside into the wider affects of indefinite detention on families and communities.

Huge thanks to both Jon and his family for sharing such a personal correspondence.

My Younger Brother

My Mother

My Younger Sister

My Father
*The name of this Freed Voices member has been changed to protect his anonymity. 

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  1. Please everyone, write to the Home secretary and to UNHCR now. The Home Secretary , Amber Rudd MP, has the power to propose changes to the current cruel system, which detains 32,000 people per year. She could propose the determination of claims for asylum through case working in the community. It would be cheaper as well as kinder. UNHCR has a project, `Beyond Detention’ which suggests exactly this. Please read what it proposes and urge the Home Secretary to work with UNHCR to implement a better asylum system than the present one. The time is now though sadly the wrong party is in government.

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