Five guys

Image courtesy of Michael Collins Reflections on indefinite detention are often framed in the singular, as personal and introspective testimonies. In this special piece for Unlocking Detention, however, Mishka from Freed Voices, sketches five guys that shaped his experience of Harmondsworth detention centre and continue to dominate his thoughts today, post-release. SKELETON I first saw this guy in healthcare in May. He was on [...]

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“When I first visited someone in immigration detention I knew I must speak out”

Immigration detention is an important issue for many Friends (Quakers). Bridget Walker, who is part of the Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network, details the conditions she witnessed and those endured by detained peoples.  This blog was originally published by Quakers in Britain.  When I first visited someone in immigration detention I knew I must speak out. It is one of the [...]

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“Young arrivers” caught in immigration detention

Dan Godshaw (@DanGodshaw) has worked for NGOs on migrant advocacy and support for 10 years. He has visited people held at Brook House IRC as well as supporting Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group’s (@GatDetainees) research and campaigning work since 2013. Dan holds an MA in Migration Studies from The University of Sussex, and is currently an ESRC-funded doctoral researcher on immigration detention and gender [...]

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Time After Time: music from Campsfield House detention centre

In this blog, Ruth Nicholson describes a day of Music In Detention's songwriting workshops in Campsfield House. Ruth is a musician, and a volunteer both for Music In Detention (MID) and the Detention Forum. This blog was originally published by Music in Detention in March this year here where you can also listen to the music recorded in Campsfield. On a foggy, chilly morning [...]

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Week 5: #Unlocked17 Visits The Verne

From the 13th - 19th November, #Unlocked17 visited The Verne, a remote detention centre on the edge of Dorset, which is scheduled to close at the end of this year. With nearly 600 beds, it is the UK's second largest detention centre (the largest is Harmondsworth, with 676).  Alongside the virtual visit to the Verne, this week #Unlocked17 visited parliament for a meeting [...]

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Slave Wages: How Our Clients Shone a Light on Detention Centre Exploitation

Toufique Hossain, Director of Public Law at Duncan Lewis Solicitors, specialises in challenging Government policy and practice in asylum and immigration law, with a particular focus on unlawful detention policies. He tells Unlocking Detention about the strategic litigation case of "slave wage" in detention centres he has been involved with and what it is like to represent people who are caught [...]

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WORKSHOP 11 DEC, GLASGOW – Oral histories of immigration detention: ethical approaches in research and activism

Oral histories of immigration detention: ethical approaches in research and activism   What does it mean to be involved in anti-detention activism? How should researchers work with people with experience of incarceration? What are the different motives and attitudes that lie behind the action of "telling stories of immigration detention"? Whose perspective should prevail, why and who decides? What do we [...]

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Detained for sleeping rough

Increased detention and deportation of EU citizens from the UK has been in the news for some time, especially in the context of debates surrounding Brexit.  NELMA has been working with EU citizens who have been detained while sleeping rough.    North East London Migrant Action (NELMA) and The Public Interest Law Unit at Lambeth Law Centre have been granted permission for a [...]

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Walls of resistance

This piece is written for Unlocking Detention by ‘Jose’ of the Freed Voices group (the author’s name has been altered to protect their identity). 'Jose' was detained in Campsfield detention centre.   Before I went to detention, I had posters of musicians on my wall. No revolutionaries, or civil rights leaders or anything like that. I think I maybe had a ‘Banksy in [...]

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#Unlocked17 Parliamentary Meeting on Immigration Detention

On the morning of Thursday 16th November, MPs and peers, experts-by-experience and others campaigning for detention reform gathered in parliament for a meeting on immigration detention. The meeting comes after several months in which immigration detention has been regularly in the media spotlight, for tragic and disturbing reasons. The purpose of the meeting was to provide space for MPs and peers [...]

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