#Unlocked15 at Cedars

This week, Unlocking Detention virtually visited Cedars 'pre-departure accommodation' (i.e. a detention centre) for families and children.  Cedars opened in August 2011 after the Coalition Government's promise to end detention of children in Yarl's Wood. Cedars is in Pease Pottage near Gatwick Airport. CEDARS stands for Compassion, Empathy, Dignity, Approachability, Respect, Support.  Hmm. According to the Independent Monitoring Board for Cedars, [...]

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How children’s charity Barnardo’s locks up kids with Guantánamo contractor G4S

This article comes from Tom Sanderson. You can read the full article in OpenDemocracy. Britain’s leading children’s charity helps the world’s biggest security company lock up children who have committed no crime. This past summer I’ve been trying to get some answers from Barnardo’s, the children’s charity, about their three-year partnership with the world’s biggest security company, G4S. Working together under [...]

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