From inside Colnbrook: my drawing is my feeling

Jay has been detained in Colnbrook for 3 months.This is the second time he has been detained - he was previously released from detention in 2014. Jay spoke to Ciara from Detention Action about the impact of detention and how for better or worse, drawing helps to focus his mind in difficult circumstances. My drawing is my feeling. When I feel [...]

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“A prison in all but name”

Nine months on from the death of Amir Siman Tov in Colnbrook IRC, Michael Goldin reflects on the man he knew.  Michael is an alumni of the René Cassin Fellowship Programme who previously worked for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.  I first met Amir Siman Tov when he called me up at work looking for someone to represent [...]

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Colnbrook, by post

This year, the theme of Unlocking Detention is ‘friends and families’ – we’re specifically focusing on the often unreported, or buried, ‘ripple effect’ of indefinite detention and the way this experience can have tragic consequences beyond the individual detained. In this special photo-essay for #Unlocked16, Jon* from the Freed Voices group shares letters he received whilst he was detained at Colnbrook detention centre [...]

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Unlocking Detention ‘visits’ Colnbrook

The latest stop on the #Unlocked15 tour was Colnbrook detention centre, near Heathrow airport.  The virtual visit fell during a very busy week in the fight to end indefinite detention, with both Sanctuary in Parliament (organised by City of Sanctuary) and the report stage of the Immigration Bill in the House of Commons. Immigration detention was a key issue at both [...]

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Visiting, unlocked – Danae on Colnbrook

This blog post is an #Unlocked15 interview with Danae Psilla, Advocacy Co-Ordinator at Detention Action. Can you remember the first time you visited Colnbrook? What were your hopes/fears/assumptions? I first visited Colnbrook 5 years ago, when I was volunteering at one of Detention Action's workshops. What struck me most back then, was the number of high security doors we came across; [...]

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“I’ve got a few questions for you”: A letter to Colnbrook

Image courtesy of Michael Collins This blog post was written by John for Unlocking Detention, in the form of a letter to Colnbrook, the detention centre where he was held for three and a half months.  John is a member of Freed Voices, a collective of experts-by-experience who have lost over 30 years between them to immigration detention in the UK. They are [...]

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Colnbrook, in conversation

Joe is an asylum-seeker from East Africa. He has been in Colnbrook IRC for four months. In this interview for the 'Unlocking Detention' twitter-tour, he talks to Detention Action's Ben du Preez about life inside Colnbrook, the emotional impact of indefinite detention, and why reforming the UK's detention estate is more than just case of 'improvements'.

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Working with women in Colnbrook

Image courtesy of Michael Collins Detention Action’s Shashika Heiyantuduwa describes their work with women in Colnbrook detention centre.  This piece was originally published on the Detention Action website on 12 August 2012.  Detention Action is a member of the Detention Forum. [In 2012] we held the first workshop at the Rose unit for women in Colnbrook detention centre. We were feeling slightly [...]

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Souleymane on indefinite detention

This post is written by Souleymane, who has experienced immigration detention.  His testimony was provided for Detention Action's forthcoming annual report. I was in detention for three and half years. At first, I would look for signs it would end. I would get hopeful when I saw my solicitor or when other people were released. Or when they took me to [...]

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