‘If I don’t come back, call my lawyer’: Practical solidarity for people at risk of detention

Luke Butterly works for Right to Remain, a UK-based human rights organisation challenging injustice in our asylum and immigration systems. This blog has been reposted with kind permission from Red Pepper. In communities across the UK, around 80,000 people with pending asylum and immigration claims have to 'report' with the Home Office. This happens at regular intervals - weekly, fortnightly, monthly - [...]

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Detained for sleeping rough

Increased detention and deportation of EU citizens from the UK has been in the news for some time, especially in the context of debates surrounding Brexit.  NELMA has been working with EU citizens who have been detained while sleeping rough.    North East London Migrant Action (NELMA) and The Public Interest Law Unit at Lambeth Law Centre have been granted permission for a [...]

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Colnbrook, by post

This year, the theme of Unlocking Detention is ‘friends and families’ – we’re specifically focusing on the often unreported, or buried, ‘ripple effect’ of indefinite detention and the way this experience can have tragic consequences beyond the individual detained. In this special photo-essay for #Unlocked16, Jon* from the Freed Voices group shares letters he received whilst he was detained at Colnbrook detention centre [...]

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Julio y amigos: The impact of detention on the Latin American community in the UK

This year, the theme of Unlocking Detention is ‘friends and families’ and we're focusing on the often unreported 'ripple effect' of indefinite detention and the way this experience can have tragic consequences beyond the individual detained. In this special Spanish recording for #Unlocked16, Julio from the Freed Voices group speaks to four close friends about the impact his detention had on them. In [...]

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Boundary Making and the Broad Ripples of Immigration Enforcement

About the Author: Melanie Griffiths is a former COMPAS DPhil student and is currently an ESRC Future Research Leaders Fellow and Senior Research Associate at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol. She is leading the 'Detention, Deportability and the Family: Migrant Men’s Negotiations of the Right to Respect for Family Life' project, examining the family lives [...]

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What would the rabbis of Tzelem miss if they were detained without a time-limit?

Human rights organisation and Detention Forum members René Cassin have been working with the rabbis of the Tzelem group, a Rabbinical call for social and economic justice. For Unlocking Detention 2015, they asked some of the rabbis what THEY would miss if they were locked up, without time-limit, in immigration detention.

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"The endless uncertainty of detention…it’s like tick tock…tick tock….tick tock"

Read about this recent event co-organised by Detention Forum members René Cassin.  The event was held as part of Mitzvah Day, a day of faith-based social action.  Although rooted in the UK's Jewish community, it is day that encourages and celebrates interfaith social action. On November 22, as a part of Mitzvah Day, Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue and René Cassin [...]

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“They want us to imprison and deport ourselves”

This post was written for Unlocking Detention by Stuart Crosthwaite, Secretary of the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG),  with thanks to the refugees and asylum seekers quoted here (some names changed) and to John Grayson whose 'academic activism' contributed to this article.  This post was published as our partner Justice Gap's #Unlocked15 article of the week. The first [...]

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The damage of indefinite detention

This blog post was written by Colleen Molloy, City of Sanctuary National Development Officer.  The image used at the start of this blog post was produced for City of Sanctuary by Patti McKenna, a community artist in Swansea. When City of Sanctuary launched 10 years ago in Sheffield, our aim was to build a movement connecting local people with those seeking [...]

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How detention affects my community: the view from Belfast

This piece was written for Unlocking Detention by the Larne House Visitors Group.  Larne House is a short-term holding facility near Belfast.  People are detained there for short periods of time before being transferred to another detention centre (in England, or Dungavel in Scotland).  A perspective of a person at risk of detention Although I’m with the visitors group, I am [...]

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