Keys to freedom: Bristol Immigration Detention Campaign

This blog post was written by Rissa Mohabir, coordinator of the Bristol Immigration Detention Campaign.  BIDC are members of the Detention Forum.  With the impending parliamentary debate on detention on September 10th, Bristol Immigration Detention Campaign staged Pop Up Protests in three areas of the city of Bristol, engaging members of the public holding their keys as a symbol of support [...]

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We should see detainees as our equals in the eyes of God

This post was written by Caroline Grogan, Communications and Media Officer for Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN).  CSAN are members of the Detention Forum.  The issue of immigration detention is particularly important to CSAN, which works with the Detention Forum, due to the values Catholic Social Teaching shows us. The two most fundamental principles are Human Dignity, which is an integral [...]

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The impact of detention on LGBT communities

This article was written for Unlocking Detention by Nina Held and Karen Smith, volunteers at Lesbian Immigration Support Group in Manchester.  This article was originally published by Justice Gap, our #Unlocked15 partners. The UK is the only European country that detains people indefinitely. If you get a prison sentence you know when you will be released, if you are an asylum [...]

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‘The person who emerges from detention is never the same as the person who went in’

This piece was written by Maddy Crowther of Waging Peace, for Unlocking Detention.  The article was first published on the Justice Gap, who are partnering with us on #Unlocked15 Detention centres are remote places. Some are marooned in bleak and unexceptional business parks and one is situated on what amounts to an island, just off the UK coastline. You don’t have [...]

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How detention affects Devon: a looming dread

This post was written for Unlocking Detention by Abbie Grace, support worker at Refugee Support Devon, and someone who lives in Devon and has experienced detention first-hand. Although detention may seem far away from us in Exeter, the nearest centre being over 60 miles away, we are constantly reminded of this dark side of our asylum system. It looms as a [...]

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"We all still have problems talking about it"

This year, Unlocking Detention is exploring how detention affects communities across the UK - not just where detention centres are located.  This blog post is written by an artist who is a member of an asylum/immigration support group in Liverpool, about the detention and enforced removal of a leading light in their group.   The person to whom this blog post is [...]

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When an individual is detained everyone is affected

This blog post is written by Gemma Pillay, from Nottingham.  She works for the Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum.  On Sunday 28th June 2015 I received a text from my friend Imran: Hello gemma its Imran here I went to loughborouh for sign and they detained me can you help me please? He had been detained the preceding Thursday (25th June) [...]

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