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Live Q&A with Gil, detained in Dungavel

This week Unlocking Detention has been ‘visiting’ Dungavel detention centre, the only detention in Scotland and a site of much contention after the government announced plans earlier this year to close it and open a Short-Term Holding Facility in Glasgow - you can read Scottish Detainee Visitors' analysis of the situation as it stands, here. On Friday afternoon, Ben from Detention [...]

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Q and A with Ali, currently detained in Colnbrook

This interview with Ali, who is detained in Colnbrook, took place last week and we planned as usual to tweet the Q and A throughout the afternoon on the Friday of Colnbrook week of #Unlockd16. On Friday morning, news broke that a man had died in Colnbrook and that a murder investigation had been launched.  As the interview with Ali was [...]

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From inside Colnbrook: my drawing is my feeling

Jay has been detained in Colnbrook for 3 months.This is the second time he has been detained - he was previously released from detention in 2014. Jay spoke to Ciara from Detention Action about the impact of detention and how for better or worse, drawing helps to focus his mind in difficult circumstances. My drawing is my feeling. When I feel [...]

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Q & A with Mayalex, currently detained in Yarl's Wood

This week Unlocking Detention has been ‘visiting’ Yarl's Wood detention centre - perhaps the best known of all the UK's sites of detention, and which will once again be the site of protest on 3 December.  Earlier this week, Ben from Detention Action conducted a Q&A with'Mayalex' who is currently detained in Yarl's Wood.  We tweeted the interview live this afternoon [...]

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Live Q&A with Christopher and Jose, both detained in Campsfield

This week Unlocking Detention has been ‘visiting’ Campsfield detention centre, run by Mitie, the largest single private provider of detention services to the Home Office. (In a first for our regular live Q&As) on Friday afternoon, Ben from Detention Action conducted a live Twitter Q&A with two friends currently detained in Campsfield - Christopher and Jose. You can recap the whole interview below: [...]

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Live Q and A with Mark, detained in the Verne

This week Unlocking Detention has been 'visiting' The Verne detention centre, in Dorset.  On Friday afternoon, Ben from Detention Action conducted a live interview with Mark who is currently detained there. Ben alerted those following the Q and A that, as with last week, communication was going to be difficult - the remoteness of the Verne means there's always a bad [...]

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The Verne: let my people go

By Mo*, 12 months in detention** Detention in the Verne is like being stuck in an island, in an island, in an island, in an island. Your cell is the centre. It is where I am most lonely, forever. I have been in the Verne one year. I am the asylum seeker. No-one tell me anything about the process of detention. [...]

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Live Q and A with Abdi, detained in prison

This afternoon, Ben from Detention Action conducted a live Q and A with 'Abdi' who is currently detained, under immigration powers, in a prison. Ben asked Abdi questions that you, the public, had sent us via Twitter and Facebook and at the various Unlocking Detention events Right to Remain and Detention Action have held recently.  Thank you to everyone who sent [...]

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"It’s like an apartheid that’s gone underground"

This blog post was written by June, who is currently detained in Yarl’s Wood.  This piece was originally published on Women for Refugee Women's blog and has been republished with their kind permission here. Yarl’s Wood is like prison, your freedom has been taken away, your rights don’t apply. They talk to you like you’re a child. If the fire alarm [...]

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The woman called 258

Abri wrote this blog, the third of a series of three, for Detention Forum member Women for Refugee Women from inside Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre in July 2014. I didn’t know how much of a crier I was until my time in Yarl’s wood; I have formed friendships with some extraordinary women, who have been through a lot in their lives; [...]

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