Mapping detention

Images courtesy of Freed Voices At Unlocking Detention, we occasionally receive emails from people, including those who say they are journalists, asking us to let them join the “tour”. These requests stem from misunderstanding: some assume we are organizing physical, guided tours of the inside of these immigration detention centres, while we are actually running a “virtual” tour unearthing facts and [...]

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Unlocking Detention visits Brook House

Last week, it was Brook House detention centre's turn to be 'visited' by Unlocking Detention. We had some brilliant articles published during Brook House week.  There was a really interesting piece published by our partners The Justice Gap, on the politics of space and time, looking at the Refugee Tales walk along the Pilgrim's Way, which involved [...]

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Unlocking Detention’s visit to Dover

After the visit to the Verne, we moved round the coast and last week, 5 to 11 October, Unlocking Detention 'visited' Dover detention centre. We had some great blog posts throughout the week - first up was Fraser from Samphire's article on Dover and how improvements to conditions at the detention centre don't make up for the fundamental injustices [...]

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I was in Dover IRC for three years. It is a place of mental torture.

This blogpost is part of ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ - a Detention Action series which featuring the reflections of those with direct experience of detention, or of working with people in detention. This piece was written by Joe from the Freed Voices group especially for Unlocking Detention, which this week looks at Dover IRC in Kent. I was in Dover IRC [...]

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Soft furnishings don’t hide the bars

This piece was written by Fraser Paterson, who works at Samphire. You can follow them on Twitter at @samphire_ Many people will know Dover as Britain’s main border with Europe and living here you are occasionally reminded on those clear days when you can see Calais. However, for Unlocking Detention we are focussing on the lesser-known side of the Dover border [...]

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Dover week…

The Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week they visited Dover detention centre in Kent. The Dover week was a busy week like other weeks, but this time with the Detention Inquiry's second evidence session taking place on Thursday (and we also had our Quarterly Meeting, which always needs a lot of preparation...) Many blog pieces came out this week, [...]

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Psychological weapons used against detainees

This blog post was written by Abdelhay Tali, who has experienced immigration detention, and originally appeared on his blog. This is a thorny issue, through time and the acquisition of experiences; people learned that it is not necessary to do muscular effort and even without talking, one can persuade. In Dover, methods are multiple, authorities have build and developed laws, trained wardens [...]

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Not a minor offence: The unlawful detention of unaccompanied children

Image courtesy of Michael Collins This piece by Judith Dennis was first published by openDemocracy on 3 November 2014.  Judith is Policy Manager at the Refugee Council. Despite pledging to end child detention for immigration purposes in 2010, the UK Government is still quietly locking up children. It’s getting away with it by calling them adults. Dover Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) sits [...]

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Looking beyond the border in Dover

By Fraser from Samphire.  Samphire are a member of the Detention Forum. Dover Immigration Removal Centre stands above the town of Dover on its Western Heights, holding around 400 detainees. I work for Samphire, a charity in the town of Dover which provides emotional and practical support to those detainees in Dover and to ex-detainees nationwide. Dover: on the cliffs Perched [...]

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“As the weeks pass their demeanour changes”

Refugee Action are members of the Detention Forum and used to provide advice about assisted return to people in detention, before the Home Office withdrew the contract.  These are some of the experiences of one of their caseworkers. [At Dover IRC], we run an advice surgery at the removal centre. Today it’s grey, windy and drizzly, but on a clear day we [...]

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