A friendship to treasure

Image by @Carcazan This blog post, about "an unlikely friendship, forged behind barbed wire and in the shadow of indefinite detention" was written for Scottish Detainee Visitors, and has been republished by Unlocking Detention with their permission.  It was written by Giovanna Fassetta, Chair of SDV. I first met Simon in Dungavel in August 2010. He was detained for a long [...]

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Like a chicken surrounded by dogs

By Kate Alexander, coordinator of Scottish Detainee Visitors (a member of the Detention Forum).  This article originally appeared in Open Democracy's Unlocked series. Scotland may have a different relationship with immigration from the rest of the UK, but at least for now, Dungavel, which has been detaining men and women migrants since 2001, remains open. Forty-five minutes south of Glasgow, six [...]

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Immigration Detention and the Scottish Referendum

Image courtesy of Scottish Detainee Visitors This post was written by Detention Forum Scotland, in response to the Detention Forum's question of 'what are your hopes for the detention inquiry in light of the 'NO' vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum?'  This post originally appeared on the Detention Forum website on 29 September 2014. Many organisations working within the field of migration, [...]

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