“Your voice can make a difference”: Expert-by-Experience interviews a former minister about the parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention

Image by @Carcazan Unlocking Detention started in 2014. That year, Sarah Teather MP, who was then the Chair of the APPG on Refugees started the parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention, together with APPG on Migration. In this blog, K.A., a member of Freed Voices who was recently detained and released, interviews Sarah about her experience of running the inquiry. Sarah also asked [...]

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Live Q&A with Marino in Brook House IRC

This week, Unlocking Detention has been ‘visiting’ Brook House and Tinsley House detention centres, near Gatwick Airport. The Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group put us in touch with Marino (not his real name), who joined us on the phone from Brook House for a live Twitter Q&A on Thursday afternoon. A huge thank you to Marino for his time and insight. Read [...]

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Week 1: Launching #Unlocked18

Image by @Carcazan Welcome to our first weekly roundup for #Unlocked18. Each week of the tour, we’ll be recapping what’s been shared the previous week so you can look back to find your favourite content or see what you’ve missed. Preparation began for this year’s Unlocking Detention tour, now in its 5th year, began well before last week’s launch. [...]

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We can make this world like heaven, or we can make it like hell

This blog comes from Rafiq, who was detained in Brook House Immigration Removal Centre. It was originally published by No Walls. Rafiq is not his real name but has been chosen to protect his identity.  My name is Rafiq. I am an asylum-seeker from Bangladesh. I was persecuted in my home country because of my membership of the opposition party. If [...]

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Depicting wisdom: Drawings from detention

Trigger warning: suicide and self-harm Like Red, whose poem we published earlier this week, Mishka is a member of the Freed Voices, a group of experts-by-experience who are committed to speaking out about the realities of immigration detention in the UK. In this blog, Mishka talks about the following images he drew based on his time in immigration detention. Mishka writes [...]

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“When I become untamed”: Reflections on life in detention

Trigger warning: references to death This poem was written and recorded by Red*, a member of the Freed Voices. The Freed Voices are a group of experts-by-experience, people with lived experience of immigration detention who are committed to speaking out about the realities of immigration detention in the UK. Between them, they have lost over 20 years to detention. Here, Red [...]

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The guide to #Unlocked17 blogs is here!

We have listed all the blogs that were published during #Unlocked17 on this webpage for easy reference. Did you have any particular favourite? If so, let us know!

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“If more people knew what was going on, more would recoil in disgust and demand explanations”

Images courtesy of Lisa Matthews This year’s Unlocking Detention featured over 40 blogs. Massive thank you to everyone who contributed and shone a light on the reality of immigration detention! As we conclude this year’s tour, some of the volunteers running the project share blogs that have left special impression on their minds. If there was any blog that especially resonated [...]

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Guantanamo Bay, a tube ride away

In the final week of Unlocking Detention, we are now looking at where we will go from here. And we believe it is a perfect opportunity to publish this speech delivered last month by Jose, from the Freed Voices group to launch Amnesty’s #WriteForRights project. Jose says, ‘hope calls for action, just as action is impossible without hope’ and shares what gave him [...]

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