Who am I again?

Testimony is a powerful way of helping those of us lucky enough not to have experienced the blunt end of immigration detention to understand a little bit of what it must be like. It can inspire us to action. But at what cost to those who have to continuously revisit the experience; who become known to us only as one of [...]

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Some reflections on the closure of Haslar Immigration Removal Centre

Image courtesy of Michael Collins This blog post was written for Unlocking Detention by Charles Leddy-Owen. Charles is a Trustee of Friends Without Borders and Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Portsmouth. Haslar Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) held between 150 and 190 male detainees at any one time from 1989 until the spring of 2015. The centre was situated in [...]

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Haslar week…

Image courtesy of Michael Collins 28 Sep to 4 Oct - the Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week when the tour visited Haslar Immigration Removal Centre in Portsmouth. After looking at the Short Term Holding Centres and prisons which are used for immigration detention, Unlocking Detention tour's very first proper visit was to Haslar Immigration Removal Centre. https://twitter.com/DetentionForum/status/517250149517885440 While getting ready [...]

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“Under detention they think you’re criminal”: Henry speaks out from Haslar

Henry, currently detained in Haslar detention centre and facing deportation to Nigeria, has been previously featured on this blog writing powerfully about "Too many laws, not enough justice".  You can read Henry's blog post here.  Henry has now been interviewed by Ben Fishwick of Portsmouth News: Henry, 53, has been held in detention since February and was moved to the centre [...]

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Living outside the fence: Story of Haslar

Image courtesy of Michael Collins By Charlie Leddy-Owen, University of Portsmouth. When visiting Haslar Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) for the first time I was struck by the pleasantness of the local area. Haslar’s western boundary adjoins a residential neighbourhood of detached and semi-detached housing, whilst immediately over the southernmost fence you’ll find a golf course and shingle beach. The IRC’s eastern fences [...]

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Too many laws, not enough justice: A voice from Haslar

We received this blog entry from Henry who is in Haslar Immigration Removal Centre. My name is Henry, aged 53, and though of Nigerian and Sierra Leonean mixed parentage, I have spent the last 31 years of my life in the United Kingdom. I have a British wife, and two sons who were born here. I was arrested and detained since [...]

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