Detention knows no borders

This piece by Eiri Ohtani was first published on openDemocracy on 15 December 2014, as part of Unlocking Detention series. ================================================================================ The first ever parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention in the UK listened to the voices of 'experts-by-experience' and those still trapped in detention. How will the report in February 2015 reflect the shocking testimony that was heard ? ================================================================================ On [...]

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Immigration Detention and the Scottish Referendum

This post was written by Detention Forum Scotland, in response to the Detention Forum's question of 'what are your hopes for the detention inquiry in light of the 'NO' vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum.  This post originally appeared on the Detention Forum website on 29 September 2014.   Many organisations working within the field of migration, and the individuals whose [...]

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No end to the horrors of detention

This piece by Ben du Preez was first published by openDemocracy on 1st December 2014.  Ben works at Detention Action and is a member of the Detention Forum Communications Working Group. The invisibility of immigration detention centres and the trauma of detention has meant that the heavy psychological baggage many migrants bring back with them into UK communities following their release [...]

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Women in detention – a troubling reality

This blog post was written by Rosa Heimer, an intern at René Cassin – a charity working to promote and protect universal human rights, drawing on Jewish experience and values, and a member of the Detention Forum. A considerably high number of women seek asylum in the UK on the grounds of gender-based persecution. Among those cases, the specific reason to [...]

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Helping the Other: particular experiences, universal outlooks

This article by Shauna Leven and Sam Grant was published as part of Unlocking Detention series on Open Democracy.  Photo credit - Regional Refugee Forum North East London’s synagogues have set up drop-in centres for destitute asylum seekers and are campaigning to end immigration detention. Shauna Leven and Sam Grant explore how the British Jewish community uses its particular history to [...]

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Unlocking Detention in Liverpool and Manchester

Estelle Worthington is Regional Activism Co-ordinator, North West. She writes about how local organisations came together to collect evidence for the ongoing parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention.   Over the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to hear many tales about people’s experiences in detention. Some will stay with me for a long, long time. As an Activism Co-ordinator, I get people [...]

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Kuka on the Parliamentary Inquiry

This post was written by Ivo Kuka, who has experienced immigration detention.  His testimony was provided for Detention Action's forthcoming annual report. In 2008, the Independent Asylum Commission did an assessment of the UK’s asylum system. They decided it was time for a ‘root and branch review’. I arrived in the UK in 2012 and I was put on the Detained [...]

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The art of listening?

By Eiri from the Detention Forum Yesterday morning, I joined colleagues from Right to Remain, Detention Action and JRS UK who nervously gathered at the JRS UK’s headquarter in east London.  We had a reason to be nervous. Last month, the Co-ordination Group of the Detention Forum produced guides for individuals and groups to encourage others to take part in the [...]

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