Slave Wages: How Our Clients Shone a Light on Detention Centre Exploitation

Toufique Hossain, Director of Public Law at Duncan Lewis Solicitors, specialises in challenging Government policy and practice in asylum and immigration law, with a particular focus on unlawful detention policies. He tells Unlocking Detention about the strategic litigation case of "slave wage" in detention centres he has been involved with and what it is like to represent people who are caught [...]

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Trafficked into detention

Trafficked people in detention are being denied the full protection of the Home Office’s flagship system for protecting victims of modern slavery, according to new research by Detention Action. Many victims of trafficking are taken to high-security detention centres after being picked up in raids on places of exploitation such as cannabis factories. Once in detention, they are treated as irregular migrants [...]

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The Home Office's unlawful immigration curfews, post-detention

This article by Ravi Naik, Public and International Law Solicitor and Head of Public Law at ITN Solicitors, was first published by the Justice Gap. The unravelling of the Home Office’s immigration curfew regime following the Court of Appeal judgment in Gedi v SSHD was hallmarked by confusion, uncertainty and, ultimately, illegality. Unfortunately for those detained, the Home Office has still not [...]

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Released but not yet free: the Home Office immigration curfew system

This post was written by Ravi Naik, Public and International Law Solicitor and Head of Public Law at ITN Solicitors. Ravi acted for the Claimant in the "Gedi v SSHD" case discussed below. This post highlights how communicating immigration detention is not solely about abstract policy issues, but can also raise awareness of legal rights that those affected might otherwise be [...]

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Immigration detention: a most un-British phenomenon

By Lea Sitkin and Bethan Rogers. This article originally appeared in Open Democracy's Unlocking Detention series. Lea Sitkin is Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Westminster. She holds a DPhil in Criminology from the University of Oxford. Lea has also worked with a number of NGOs, including volunteering as a detention support worker for immigration detainees in Campsfield House, Oxford. [...]

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