Morton Hall

Week 7: #Unlocked18 visits Morton Hall

Week 7 of #Unlocked18 took us to Morton Hall IRC, near the small village of Swinderby in Lincolnshire. Surrounded by fields and villages, it is one of the UK's most isolated and least-known detention centres. It was originally an RAF base before reopening as a prison in 1985, and became an IRC in May 2011.  It is the only remaining IRC to be [...]

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“I have seen that the detention system in the UK is broken”

Content warning: suicide. Image by @Carcazan This blog comes from Rhiannon Prideaux, a visitor with the Morton Hall Detainee Visitors Group. I visited people detained at Morton Hall detention centre for around three and a half years.  In that time I visited 6 people.  All from different countries and detained for a variety of different reasons.  Many of them spent time [...]

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Week 8: #Unlocked17 visits Morton Hall

This is Morton Hall detention centre in Lincolnshire, the focus of the eighth week of the Unlocking Detention tour. Up to 392 people - all men - may be detained here at any one time. It was turned from a prison to an immigration removal centre in 2011, though, like most other centres, it still feels like a prison. It is [...]

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Putting stock Home Office statements in the stocks

New Freed Voices member, John P.*, was recently released after ten months detained in Morton Hall IRC in Lincolnshire. For this #Unlocked17 special, he sat down with Detention Action to go through his thoughts on some of the stock phrases the Home Office trot out in response to anti-detention campaigners. * John P. is not the author’s real name. This has been [...]

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Mapping detention

At Unlocking Detention, we occasionally receive emails from people, including those who say they are journalists, asking us to let them join the “tour”. These requests stem from misunderstanding: some assume we are organizing physical, guided tours of the inside of these immigration detention centres, while we are actually running a “virtual” tour unearthing facts and voices from these centres. While [...]

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Week 4 of #Unlocked16: Morton Hall

This week, Unlocking Detention visited Morton Hall in Lincolnshire.   Morton Hall opened as an "immigration removal centre" in 2011, having previously been other kinds of prison for men, women and youth since 1958. There are 392 bed spaces at Morton Hall, all for men. We had a really interesting range of blog posts and [...]

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Unlocking Detention: Morton Hall week

This week it was the turn of Morton Hall to be visited by the virtual Unlocking Detention tour. Morton Hall was built as an RAF base, then served a low security prison.  It was re-opened, with more security, as a detention centre. People are locked in their cells from 8pm and 8am, and at further times throughout the [...]

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Morton Hall: Michael and Holly's story

To mark the Unlocking Detention tour's visit to Morton Hall IRC this week, this Q and A features Michael, a member of the Freed Voices group, and his partner Holly, reflecting on the two years he was detained at Morton Hall in Lincolnshire, and the impact it had on them and their relationship. Michael and Holly decided what questions they wanted [...]

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When an individual is detained everyone is affected

This blog post is written by Gemma Pillay, from Nottingham.  She works for the Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum.  On Sunday 28th June 2015 I received a text from my friend Imran: Hello gemma its Imran here I went to loughborouh for sign and they detained me can you help me please? He had been detained the preceding Thursday (25th June) [...]

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Morton Hall week…

Morton Hall week…  19 to 25 Oct Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week they visited Morton Hall detention centre, in deep Lincolnshire. ================================================================================================ Until recently, Morton Hall detention centre was the latest addition to the ever growing immigration detention estate.  Buried deep inside Lincolnshire, we knew that it was pretty isolated.   Looking at the map, however, it still astonished us [...]

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