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Morton Hall week…

Morton Hall week…  19 to 25 Oct Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week they visited Morton Hall detention centre, in deep Lincolnshire. ================================================================================================ Until recently, Morton Hall detention centre was the latest addition to the ever growing immigration detention estate.  Buried deep inside Lincolnshire, we knew that it was pretty isolated.   Looking at the map, however, it still astonished us [...]

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Reporting Morton Hall – the media "myth"

Bridget Walker is an active member of the Detention Forum and works with a number of NGOs. She shares her personal reflection on the way the media keeps the myth of "dangerous foreigners" alive. ‘The death was used as an excuse for unrest’  [1] In September 2014 a man died in Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre.  His name was Rubel Ahmed, he [...]

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Voices from Morton Hall

In this blog post, two people currently detained in Morton Hall detention centre tell Leeds No Borders about their experiences. ''From 8pm til 8am we are locked up ... Phone signal is really bad so no one can get in touch. Even outside the signal is poor. If something is wrong in the night, no guards ever answer the bell. You [...]

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“This is mental torture after prison and no respect for humanity”

This post was written by the Morton Hall Detainee Visitor Group (MHDVG).  The quotations included in the post are from people currently detained in Morton Hall, who have spoken with MHDVG for this piece. Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre is in Swinderby, Lincolnshire, and is currently one of the UK's largest detention centres, holding up to 392 men.  Previously a women’s [...]

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