Short Term Holding Centres

Week 3: Short-term holding facilities and prisons

Most weeks, Unlocking Detention visits a specific detention centre. Last week was a little different. From the 4th-11th November, Unlocking Detention focused on the hundreds of people held under immigration powers in short-term holding facilities and prisons across the UK. Those detained in prisons are even less visible than those held elsewhere in the UK's detention estate, and face additional challenges. [...]

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Immigration detention centres have no place in Manchester or the UK

This blog comes from Lauren Cape-Davenhill, Organiser with These Walls Must Fall. An earlier version of this piece was published in The Meteor. As an organiser in the northwest of England with These Walls Must Fall, a grassroots campaign to challenge immigration detention, I was glad to see local media coverage of the re-opening of a facility by Manchester Airport called the [...]

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Week 4: Prisons and Short Term Holding Facilities

We're almost halfway through #Unlocked17. From all over the UK, you've been tweeting, writing and sharing your selfies to tell us how you feel about detention, and to help spread the word about Unlocking Detention. Thank you! Prisons and short-term holding facilities From 6-12 November, #Unlocked17 focused on the hundreds of people [...]

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‘The Seamed Zones’

Photo taken at the launch of 'The Seamed Zones' on 12 October 2017.  Where does 'invisibility' of immigration detention centres start?  Ben du Preez, Campaigns Coordinator at Detention Action, stares into the gap between nonplace-ness of detention centres and their material human impact and finds hope in Experts-By-Experience's power to bring the truth to light.   ========================================================================== Last week, I delivered a [...]

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First week of #Unlocked16: short-term holding centres and prisons

What an exciting first week of Unlocking Detention 2016! This first week was partly an introduction to this virtual tour of the UK's immigration detention estate, but also focused on two of the most hidden sites of detention: short-term holding centres; and detention under immigration powers in prisons. A changing landscape This is the third year of Unlocking Detention, and there's [...]

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Detained at the UK border: mould, cat calls and barbed wire

Ali McGinley of AVID - a member of the Detention Forum - writes for the #Unlocked series in Open Democracy on detention in short-term holding facilities. Key statutory instruments governing the use of detention do not apply to holding rooms at ports or short term holding facilities. Some 7,000 vulnerable individuals are held each year for up to 7 days in [...]

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