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Welcome and hospitality as a force of resistance and change: Sanctuary in Parliament 2018

Sanctuary in Parliament is an annual event which brings local City of Sanctuary groups from around the country to Parliament to meet their MPs to demand change. This year, it is aiming to generate an even bigger call for a 28-day time limit on immigration detention - and we'd like you to take action! Eiri Ohtani, Detention Forum's Project Director, explains [...]

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No one left behind: Including people detained in prisons in immigration detention reform

This blog post comes from Benny Hunter at Association for Visitors to Immigration Detainees. AVID is a small, national charity that supports volunteer visitors to people in immigration detention, wherever they are held. AVID has 16 member groups that visit in every detention centre in the UK, and some prisons, and works to raise awareness of immigration detention and advocate for positive [...]

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How to: Help end indefinite detention

Zehrah Hasan is the Policy and Campaigns Assistant at human rights campaigning group Liberty. In this blog, Zehrah writes about Liberty’s campaign to ‘End Indefinite Detention’. Zehrah tweets at @zedhas3 The UK is the only country in Europe that locks up people without release dates. Alongside other campaign groups, faith leaders and all opposition parties, Liberty is calling for an end [...]

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#28for28: Working for ‘the better imagined’

This blog comes from Anna Pincus at the Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group about her work with Refugee Tales’ ’28 tales for 28 days’. This campaign began on 11 September and featured the release of 28 videos of tales over 28 days, to highlight the need for a 28 day time limit for immigration detention. The finale of #28for28 was The Detainee’s [...]

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Week 1: Launching #Unlocked18

Image by @Carcazan Welcome to our first weekly roundup for #Unlocked18. Each week of the tour, we’ll be recapping what’s been shared the previous week so you can look back to find your favourite content or see what you’ve missed. Preparation began for this year’s Unlocking Detention tour, now in its 5th year, began well before last week’s launch. https://twitter.com/DetentionForum/status/1039926883650097155 https://twitter.com/DetentionForum/status/1011957991581650946 https://twitter.com/IMiX_UK/status/1049371559679414272 [...]

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Over 150 people demonstrate to mark 24 years since Campsfield ‘House’ opened

This blog was written by Bill MacKeith, joint organiser of the Campaign to Close Campsfield, for Unlocking Detention. Photos: Campaign to Close Campsfield On 25 November 1993, two white vans arrived at Campsfield main gates, 6 miles north of Oxford. They brought the first detainees to the new Campsfield detention centre from Harmondsworth near Heathrow. Since then some 30,000 people have been [...]

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It’s about time – a time limit on immigration detention

Since the publication of Detained Lives (which Tamsin Algers refers to in her earlier blog here), a campaign to end UK's practice of indefinite detention has been gathering pace.  Rachel Robinson, Advocacy Manager for Liberty, argues why the time is now to end this practice once and for all.   There are few things more difficult than waiting. At an airport. [...]

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The Importance of Being With

Beatrice Grasso is Detention Outreach Manager at Jesuit Refugee Service UK where, with volunteers, she supports many detained in Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres. In this blog, she explains how their mission “Accompany, Serve and Advocate” informs and shapes their work in these detention centres, ‘places most people don’t even realise exist’. Imagine being taken away from home in the middle [...]

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Ten years on: reflections on a decade working on the injustice of detention

Immigration detention and the detention estate sometimes appear permanent and unchanging. However, underneath the surface, things are changing. Tamsin Alger, Casework and Policy Manager at Detention Action, looks back at a catalogue of actions people in detention, she and her organisation have taken to challenge immigration detention over the last 10 years.   Ten years ago this month, I started working [...]

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