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It’s about time – a time limit on immigration detention

Since the publication of Detained Lives (which Tamsin Algers refers to in her earlier blog here), a campaign to end UK's practice of indefinite detention has been gathering pace.  Rachel Robinson, Advocacy Manager for Liberty, argues why the time is now to end this practice once and for all.   There are few things more difficult than waiting. At an airport. [...]

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The importance of being with

Image courtesy of @Manchestermisol Beatrice Grasso is Detention Outreach Manager at Jesuit Refugee Service UK where, with volunteers, she supports many detained in Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres. In this blog, she explains how their mission “Accompany, Serve and Advocate” informs and shapes their work in these detention centres, ‘places most people don’t even realise exist’. Imagine being taken away from [...]

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Ten years on: reflections on a decade working on the injustice of detention

Immigration detention and the detention estate sometimes appear permanent and unchanging. However, underneath the surface, things are changing. Tamsin Alger, Casework and Policy Manager at Detention Action, looks back at a catalogue of actions people in detention, she and her organisation have taken to challenge immigration detention over the last 10 years.   Ten years ago this month, I started working [...]

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“When I first visited someone in immigration detention I knew I must speak out”

Immigration detention is an important issue for many Friends (Quakers). Bridget Walker, who is part of the Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network, details the conditions she witnessed and those endured by detained peoples.  This blog was originally published by Quakers in Britain.  When I first visited someone in immigration detention I knew I must speak out. It is one of the [...]

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WORKSHOP 11 DEC, GLASGOW – Oral histories of immigration detention: ethical approaches in research and activism

Oral histories of immigration detention: ethical approaches in research and activism   What does it mean to be involved in anti-detention activism? How should researchers work with people with experience of incarceration? What are the different motives and attitudes that lie behind the action of "telling stories of immigration detention"? Whose perspective should prevail, why and who decides? What do we [...]

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#Unlocked17 Parliamentary Meeting on Immigration Detention

On the morning of Thursday 16th November, MPs and peers, experts-by-experience and others campaigning for detention reform gathered in parliament for a meeting on immigration detention. The meeting comes after several months in which immigration detention has been regularly in the media spotlight, for tragic and disturbing reasons. The purpose of the meeting was to provide space for MPs and peers [...]

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Won’t somebody please think of the children

The impact of immigration detention is not confined behind the gates of the detention centres: it involves people's children, families, friends etc. Nick Watts is a child & family practitioner and co-founder of the charity Migrant Family Action, that provides specialist social work, advocacy and youth work to families who are oppressed as a result of their immigration status. Nick explains here what [...]

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“When you see injustice – speak out!” These Walls Must Fall in Manchester

Without people taking action, change won't happen.  Luke Butterly of Right to Remain reports back on a recent campaign event of These Walls Must Fall which took place in Manchester.  This blog was originally published on Right to Remain's website here.   On 2 Nov 2017, human rights campaigners, union members, migrant rights groups, political representatives and other members of the [...]

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Parliamentary meeting on immigration detention on 16 November – is your MP attending?

This year's Unlocking Detention's theme is taking action, and the Detention Forum is supporting APPG on Refugees' parliamentary meeting on immigration detention on 16 November. Do you think your MP is coming? It probably depends on whether you will be urging them to do so or not. Will you be contacting your MP? Will you be taking this action? Mishka, of [...]

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Why political pressure needs to be ramped up now

The Detention Forum which runs Unlocking Detention is a network of many groups who have been working together to challenge UK’s immigration detention policy and practice.  Jon Featonby, one of its Coordination Group members, explains why now is the time for everyone to start taking action against detention.  There can be no better time for #Unlocked17 to have started. The next [...]

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