The Verne

The Verne: let my people go

By Mo*, 12 months in detention** Detention in the Verne is like being stuck in an island, in an island, in an island, in an island. Your cell is the centre. It is where I am most lonely, forever. I have been in the Verne one year. I am the asylum seeker. No-one tell me anything about the process of detention. [...]

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Visiting the Verne detention centre

We asked members of the Verne Visitors group to share their thoughts and experiences on visiting people at the Verne.  We were interested to hear what led them to start visiting, what they discovered when they started visiting, what they thought the hardest part of visiting was, and to describe their experiences a little.  David I started visiting in January this [...]

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My first time visiting The Verne

This piece is written by Rahwa Fessahaye, Advocacy Co-ordinator at Detention Action The first time I went to Verne IRC was in November 2014, a few weeks after I had returned from maternity leave. I was curious to see the centre as, up until that point, Detention Action had only run workshops in Harmondsworth and Colnbrook IRCs. Dorset felt like a world [...]

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The Verne IRC: detention on your doorstep

As well as shining a spotlight on the very specific physical sites of detention which make up the UK's detention estate, 'Unlocking Detention' is also about highlighting the ways in which detention impacts communities outside. With this week's focus on The Verne, Detention Action picked up their mic and asked three locals from Weymouth, the town adjacent to the IRC, what they felt [...]

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'There are few visitors here': the Verne, immigration detention on an island

By Pat, a member of the Verne Visitors Group and Detention Forum volunteer Above the Chesil Beach It’s difficult not to think about location. Bus number 1 from Weymouth city centre goes towards Portland Island, the southernmost point in the county of Dorset. The island is tied to the mainland by a long barrier beach: formation made up of sand, slit [...]

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"This is not what I was expecting. This prison is scary": HMP The Verne

By Ben from Detention Action, with testimony from Jamal who was detained in HMP The Verne.  Detention Action is a member of the Detention Forum. On 24th March 2014, vans carrying migrants began arriving at HM Prison the Verne. Jamal was one of the first 30. He says he will never, ever, forget looking through the van windows up at the [...]

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