Tinsley House

Let’s talk about Tinsley House

While Brook House immigration detention centre has achieved a certain level of notoriety after an investigative BBC Panorama documentary hit the news in 2017, a nearby centre, Tinsley House, is hardly talked about. Mishka, one of the Detention Forum volunteers, spoke to people who know both centres as visitors, to find out what differences lie between them. Both Brook House and [...]

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Your guide to #Unlocked18

#Unlocked18 marked the 5th year of Unlocking Detention, our virtual 'tour' of the UK's immigration detention estate. Whether you followed the tour from the beginning or you're just joining us now, we hope you find something to whet your appetite for learning more about detention and how to challenge it. Here's a guide to the contributions featured in #Unlocked18, with highlights [...]

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Week 2: #Unlocked18 visits Brook House and Tinsley House

This is the first week that #Unlocked18 has focused on specific detention centres. From the 29th October to the 4th November, we 'visited' Brook House and Tinsley House, two detention centres next to the runway at Gatwick airport. Over 600 people can be detained across these two sites, both of which are privately run by G4S. Here's a recap of the [...]

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“I leave you to judge”: Reflections from a visitor

Image by @Carcazan This piece comes from Richard (not his real name), a volunteer with Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group who has been visiting people detained in Brook House and Tinsley House detention centres for 13 years.   In 2005 I heard about the work of Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group and got in touch with them to satisfy my curiosity. Since then I [...]

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The guide to #Unlocked17 blogs is here!

We have listed all the blogs that were published during #Unlocked17 on this webpage for easy reference. Did you have any particular favourite? If so, let us know!

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Week 3: #Unlocked17 visits Brook House and Tinsley House

Between 30 October and 5 November, #Unlocked17 visited Brook House and Tinsley House, near Gatwick airport. Brook House has 448 beds, and Tinsley 119. When Tinsley House was established in 1996, it was the UK's first purpose-built detention centre. Since then, the UK's detention estate has expanded substantially: there are now nine immigration removal centres (people are also detained in short-term [...]

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Week 3 of #Unlocked16: Brook House and Tinsley House

Week 3 of Unlocking Detention was all about Brook and Tinsley Houses. Together they make up the Gatwick site of detention, situated roughly 200 metres from the main runway at Gatwick Airport. Brook House was opened in 2009 and is built to the standards of a Category B prison.  One year after opening,  the independent inspectorate that reports on the treatment [...]

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The hidden, human reality of indefinite detention

Image courtesy of Michael Collins By James Wilson,  director of Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group.  Imagine being in prison but not held for a crime, counting up the days since you were detained but never able to count down to release, probably entitled only to 30 minutes of free legal advice which will conclude with the solicitor telling you that there is nothing [...]

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Unlocking Detention ‘visits’ Tinsley House

Last week, Unlocking Detention visited Tinsley House, possibly one of the least well-known detention centres. https://twitter.com/DetentionForum/status/669464561573998592 https://twitter.com/DetentionForum/status/670167707975725057 https://twitter.com/DetentionForum/status/669973657825861632 https://twitter.com/DetentionForum/status/670185303580082177 We heard powerful stories of the men that Nic Eadie, director of Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group, has met over eight years of visiting and supporting people detained in Tinsley.  Many of them speak with strong London accents, or Glasgow accents, or Manchester [...]

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Almost as British as me

This blog post was written by Nic Eadie, director of Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group (@GatDetainees). It was originally published by our #Unlocked15 partners, Justice Gap. I’ve been working with people detained at Tinsley House and Brook House for over eight years now. In that time I’ve answered our phone to people who speak many different languages, so I have become something [...]

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