Life after detention

This piece by Saskia Garner was first published by openDemocracy on 1st December 2014.  Saskia works at Refugee Action as Policy Manager. The adverse effects of being detained in an immigration removal centre harm possibilities for reintegration in the country of origin. Being detained can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but for individuals who have been forced to leave their [...]

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No end to the horrors of detention

This piece by Ben du Preez was first published by openDemocracy on 1st December 2014.  Ben works at Detention Action and is a member of the Detention Forum Communications Working Group. The invisibility of immigration detention centres and the trauma of detention has meant that the heavy psychological baggage many migrants bring back with them into UK communities following their release [...]

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Dover week…

2 Nov to 8 Nov – Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week they visited Dover detention centre in Kent. ============================================================================ The Dover week was a busy week like other weeks, but this time with the Detention Inquiry's second evidence session taking place on Thursday (and we also had our Quarterly Meeting, which always needs a lot of preparation...) https://twitter.com/AsylumAid/status/530321733124100096 Many blog pieces [...]

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Immigration detention: a most un-British phenomenon

By Lea Sitkin and Bethan Rogers. This article originally appeared in Open Democracy's Unlocking Detention series. Lea Sitkin is Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Westminster. She holds a DPhil in Criminology from the University of Oxford. Lea has also worked with a number of NGOs, including volunteering as a detention support worker for immigration detainees in Campsfield House, Oxford. [...]

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Why not everyone can speak out

While the Detention Forum was encouraging groups and individuals to take part in the detention inquiry by submitting evidence, we were contacted by individuals and groups who said they wanted to take part but they simply could not.  Room to Heal was one of them, so we asked them to explain why.  Written by Gracie Bradley at Room to Heal. ================================================================================================= [...]

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Not a minor offence: the unlawful detention of unaccompanied children

This piece by Judith Dennis was first published by openDemocracy on 3 November 2014.  Judith is Policy Manager at the Refugee Council. Despite pledging to end child detention for immigration purposes in 2010, the UK Government is still quietly locking up children. It’s getting away with it by calling them adults. Dover Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) sits on the site of [...]

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Souleymane on Indefinite Detention

This post is written by Souleymane, who has experienced immigration detention.  His testimony was provided for Detention Action's forthcoming annual report. I was in detention for three and half years. At first, I would look for signs it would end. I would get hopeful when I saw my solicitor or when other people were released. Or when they took me to [...]

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Music in Detention: reflections on three visits to IRCs in 2012

This post was written by Zoe Burton, Programme Manager (maternity cover, 2012 and 2014) for Music in Detention (MID).  MID is a member of the Detention Forum.  I was delighted to be recruited to Music In Detention as Programme Manager (maternity cover) in Jan 2012 to coordinate a number of participatory music making programmes in four Immigration Removal Centres. I had [...]

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Helping the Other: particular experiences, universal outlooks

This article by Shauna Leven and Sam Grant was published as part of Unlocking Detention series on Open Democracy.  Photo credit - Regional Refugee Forum North East London’s synagogues have set up drop-in centres for destitute asylum seekers and are campaigning to end immigration detention. Shauna Leven and Sam Grant explore how the British Jewish community uses its particular history to [...]

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Hamid on alternatives to detention

This post is written by Hamid, who has experienced immigration detention.  His testimony was provided for Detention Action's forthcoming annual report.   In the three and a half years I was in detention, I was visited twice by the Home Office – first, they took my fingerprints and then to take my photo. That was it. They gave me no reasons [...]

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