Your guide to #Unlocked18

#Unlocked18 marked the 5th year of Unlocking Detention, our virtual 'tour' of the UK's immigration detention estate. Whether you followed the tour from the beginning or you're just joining us now, we hope you find something to whet your appetite for learning more about detention and how to challenge it. Here's a guide to the contributions featured in #Unlocked18, with highlights [...]

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Rebuilding a life after detention

This blog comes from Indre Lechtimiakyte. Indre is originally from Lithuania and has been working as a caseworker and coordinator of the Ex-Detainee Project for Samphire since 2016. Prior to joining Samphire, she worked on the return migration project at IOM Vilnius, human rights education and awareness raising projects in Bulgaria and in a private law practice in Lithuania. You can [...]

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Your pocket Home Office phrasebook: A dialect of dehumanisation

Patrick Page is a senior caseworker in public law at Duncan Lewis Solicitors (@DLPublicLaw). He is also founder and editor of No Walls, a forum for discussions on migration and human rights, with a focus on immigration detention. No Walls is a member of the Detention Forum. Patrick tweets at @padspage The dehumanising language deployed by national leaders and public figures when referring [...]

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Week 6: #Unlocked18 visits Harmondsworth and Colnbrook

From the 26 November - 2 December, Unlocking Detention visited Colnbrook and Harmondsworth, the two detention centres next to Heathrow Airport. Here, a few hundred metres from the runway, well over 1,000 people can be detained indefinitely. As well as six new blogs, this week we had a double Q&A with two people in Harmondsworth, DAK and Seed (not their real names), [...]

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Week 5: #Unlocked18 visits Campsfield House

Last week, #Unlocked18 visited Campsfield House IRC near Oxford. Since it opened in 1993, tens of thousands of people have been detained here indefinitely. The centre has also been the focus of many protests and a sustained campaign for its closure, as the graphic and blogs below demonstrate. This will be the final time Unlocking Detention visits Campsfield: a few weeks [...]

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Week 4: #Unlocked18 visits Yarl’s Wood

From the 12th - 18th November, #Unlocked18 visited Yarl's Wood IRC in Bedford. It was a packed week, with new content every day alongside new graphics and illustrations. Also this week, Sanctuary in Parliament took place, JRS and the Detention Forum presented Dame Caroline Spelman MP with a Detention Forum Champion Award, the #TheseWallsMustFall campaign launched in Bristol, and we released another segment of [...]

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Immigration detention: The glossary

To help navigate the world of immigration detention, we’ve created a visual glossary with key terms and acronyms you might come across during Unlocking Detention. Let’s start at the beginning. What is an Immigration Removal Centre? There are 8 immigration removal or detention centres across the UK where people can be locked up indefinitely, plus a number of other ‘short term [...]

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Welcome to #Unlocked18!

Welcome! #Unlocked18 is Unlocking Detention’s fifth ‘tour’ of the UK’s immigration detention estate, shining a spotlight on the hidden world of immigration detention. Maybe you are a repeat visitor, maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about Unlocking Detention. Unlocking Detention’s ‘virtual tour’ uses Twitter, Facebook and blogs to ‘unlock’ the gates of immigration detention centres. Each week, we will [...]

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Life after detention

This piece by Saskia Garner was first published by openDemocracy on 1st December 2014.  Saskia works at Refugee Action as Policy Manager. The adverse effects of being detained in an immigration removal centre harm possibilities for reintegration in the country of origin. Being detained can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but for individuals who have been forced to leave their [...]

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