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One of the ways we asked people to get involved with the Unlocking Detention tour was by tweeting @DetentionForum a selfie, with a statement challenging immigration detention. We received so many selfies, thank you to everyone who tweeted us!   Take a look at the selfies below (and this isn't even all of them ...)  

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The deserving detainee?

Image courtesy of Michael Collins This International Migrants' Day post was written for Unlocking Detention by Melanie Griffiths.  Melanie is an ESRC Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Bristol. Her project, entitled Detention, Deportability and the Family: Migrant Men's Negotiations of the Right to Respect for Family Life, is on the family lives and Article 8 rights of men at risk [...]

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Detention knows no borders

This piece by Eiri Ohtani was first published on openDemocracy on 15 December 2014, as part of the Unlocking Detention series. The first ever parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention in the UK listened to the voices of 'experts-by-experience' and those still trapped in detention. How will the report in February 2015 reflect the shocking testimony that was heard ? On the [...]

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Like a chicken surrounded by dogs

By Kate Alexander, coordinator of Scottish Detainee Visitors (a member of the Detention Forum).  This article originally appeared in Open Democracy's Unlocked series. Scotland may have a different relationship with immigration from the rest of the UK, but at least for now, Dungavel, which has been detaining men and women migrants since 2001, remains open. Forty-five minutes south of Glasgow, six [...]

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Immigration Detention and the Scottish Referendum

Image courtesy of Scottish Detainee Visitors This post was written by Detention Forum Scotland, in response to the Detention Forum's question of 'what are your hopes for the detention inquiry in light of the 'NO' vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum?'  This post originally appeared on the Detention Forum website on 29 September 2014. Many organisations working within the field of migration, [...]

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Colnbrook, in conversation

Joe is an asylum-seeker from East Africa. He has been in Colnbrook IRC for four months. In this interview for the 'Unlocking Detention' twitter-tour, he talks to Detention Action's Ben du Preez about life inside Colnbrook, the emotional impact of indefinite detention, and why reforming the UK's detention estate is more than just case of 'improvements'. https://soundcloud.com/detention-action/colnbrook-in-conversation

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Life after detention

This piece by Saskia Garner was first published by openDemocracy on 1st December 2014.  Saskia works at Refugee Action as Policy Manager. The adverse effects of being detained in an immigration removal centre harm possibilities for reintegration in the country of origin. Being detained can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but for individuals who have been forced to leave their [...]

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No end to the horrors of detention

Image courtesy of Freed Voices This piece by Ben du Preez was first published by openDemocracy on 1st December 2014.  Ben works at Detention Action and is a member of the Detention Forum Communications Working Group. The invisibility of immigration detention centres and the trauma of detention has meant that the heavy psychological baggage many migrants bring back with them into UK [...]

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Working with women in Colnbrook

Image courtesy of Michael Collins Detention Action’s Shashika Heiyantuduwa describes their work with women in Colnbrook detention centre.  This piece was originally published on the Detention Action website on 12 August 2012.  Detention Action is a member of the Detention Forum. [In 2012] we held the first workshop at the Rose unit for women in Colnbrook detention centre. We were feeling slightly [...]

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The real cost of detaining migrants

This piece by Nic Eadie was first published by openDemocracy on 24 November 2014.  Nic is Director of Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group. Several years after being rushed out of Tinsley House immigration removal centre near London Gatwick airport, one man still lies hospitalised, unable to move, reliant on the staff to keep him alive.  A few years ago I visited an [...]

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