“Am I a HUMAN BEING? I ran from my country to save my life”

By Lisa Matthews of Right to Remain.  Right to Remain is a member organisation of the Detention Forum. Marie Therese, a survivor of ritualised torture in Cameroon, campaigned for justice in her asylum case with the help of Right to Remain's supporters.  Marie Therese wrote, movingly and powerfully, about the shocking things she experienced in Cameroon, and the continued abuse she faced [...]

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Extraordinary things: Visiting the women at Yarl’s Wood detention centre

This piece was first published by openDemocracy on 18 November 2014.  Heather Jones is the Co-ordinator of Yarls Wood Befriends.  Eiri Ohtani is the Co-ordinator of the Detention Forum. Next door to a Formula 1 car testing zone, hundreds of migrant women are kept behind bars. Heather Jones is a long-term visitor.  Heather Jones is a co-ordinator of Yarl’s Wood Befrienders, a small [...]

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The woman called 258

Abri wrote this blog, the third of a series of three, for Detention Forum member Women for Refugee Women from inside Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre in July 2014. I didn’t know how much of a crier I was until my time in Yarl’s wood; I have formed friendships with some extraordinary women, who have been through a lot in their lives; [...]

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Our pain is Serco’s profit

Abri's second blog, written for Women for Refugee Women in July 2014, from inside Yarl's Wood detention centre. Women for Refugee Women is a member of the Detention Forum. Today I would like to share some personal experiences and those of fellow detainees, with the hope that we can get people to stand in solidarity with us while we wait for justice. [...]

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My soul cries for justice, my heart is searching for hope and my body simply wants a walk in the park

In July 2014, Women for Refugee Women shared the experiences of 'Abri' who was detained in Yarl's Wood detention centre.  You can see Abri's testimony on the Women for Refugee Women website here.  Women for Refugee Women is a member of the Detention Forum. I carry scars deep down within me where no one can touch or see. I was forced [...]

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Dover week…

The Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week they visited Dover detention centre in Kent. The Dover week was a busy week like other weeks, but this time with the Detention Inquiry's second evidence session taking place on Thursday (and we also had our Quarterly Meeting, which always needs a lot of preparation...) https://twitter.com/AsylumAid/status/530321733124100096 Many blog pieces came out this week, [...]

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Women in detention – a troubling reality

This blog post was written by Rosa Heimer, an intern at René Cassin – a charity working to promote and protect universal human rights, drawing on Jewish experience and values, and a member of the Detention Forum. A considerably high number of women seek asylum in the UK on the grounds of gender-based persecution. Among those cases, the specific reason to [...]

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Immigration detention: A most un-British phenomenon

By Lea Sitkin and Bethan Rogers. This article originally appeared in Open Democracy's Unlocking Detention series. Lea Sitkin is Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Westminster. She holds a DPhil in Criminology from the University of Oxford. Lea has also worked with a number of NGOs, including volunteering as a detention support worker for immigration detainees in Campsfield House, Oxford. [...]

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An ever-expanding detention estate: Make your voice heard

Image courtesy of Campaign to Close Campsfield By Melanie Griffiths, academic and campaigner. The government has recently submitted plans to the Cherwell District Council for the major expansion of Campsfield House, an Immigration Removal Centre situated just outside Oxford. This is just the latest phase of a wider move towards the expansion of the UK’s immigration detention estate. Much of the recent [...]

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How children’s charity Barnardo’s locks up kids with Guantánamo contractor G4S

This article comes from Tom Sanderson. You can read the full article in OpenDemocracy. Britain’s leading children’s charity helps the world’s biggest security company lock up children who have committed no crime. This past summer I’ve been trying to get some answers from Barnardo’s, the children’s charity, about their three-year partnership with the world’s biggest security company, G4S. Working together under [...]

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