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‘A country I had called home for 13 years had imprisoned me.’

Families with children were regularly detained at Yarl’s Wood and Dungavel detention centres until the change of policy in 2010 drastically reduced the number of children detained.  Now, a smaller number of families with children are detained in an unit within Tinsley detention centre.  But what happened to many children who were detained at Yarl’s Wood and who are turning into [...]

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Exceptional circumstances? Detention at Campsfield House

This piece was written by Melanie Griffiths, a trustee at Asylum Welcome.  Asylum Welcome are a long-standing Oxford charity supporting men detained at Campsfield House. She is also a researcher based at the University of Bristol. Asylum Welcome is a small charity in Oxford with a wealth of experiencing supporting people in immigration detention. We have our roots in a community-led [...]

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Looking behind the labels: vulnerability and immigration detention

This blog post was written for Unlocking Detention by Ali McGinley. It was first published on the Justice Gap. Ali is director of AVID - the Association of Visitors of Immigration Detainees - and has managed AVID since 2009. Ali is a member of the Detention Forum coordination group, and co-convened the Vulnerable People Working Group of the Detention Forum.  Working [...]

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Women in detention – a troubling reality

This blog post was written by Rosa Heimer, an intern at René Cassin – a charity working to promote and protect universal human rights, drawing on Jewish experience and values, and a member of the Detention Forum. A considerably high number of women seek asylum in the UK on the grounds of gender-based persecution. Among those cases, the specific reason to [...]

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