Yarl’s Wood

Week 4: #Unlocked18 visits Yarl’s Wood

From the 12th - 18th November, #Unlocked18 visited Yarl's Wood IRC in Bedford. It was a packed week, with new content every day alongside new graphics and illustrations. Also this week, Sanctuary in Parliament took place, JRS and the Detention Forum presented Dame Caroline Spelman MP with a Detention Forum Champion Award, the #TheseWallsMustFall campaign launched in Bristol, and we released another segment of [...]

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Eight times in detention: Why?

This contribution is a collaboration between women detained in Yarl’s Wood detention centre and the Yarl’s Wood Befrienders. These words and images were produced at one of the weekly 'drop in' sessions held by Yarl's Wood Befrienders. Drop in is a space where women detained at Yarl's Wood can come and hang out with befrienders. We have tea, coffee and biscuits [...]

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“Every day, they used to walk in and pick somebody”: Living with the uncertainty of detention and removal

Image by @Carcazan. Content warning: suicide and self-harm This contribution comes from Bristol Free Voice, a citizen journalism project facilitating a safe platform for media for refugees and asylum seekers, to challenge the dehumanising narrative often seen in the mainstream media. In one of our recordings, a woman speaks of her experience of detention. We follow her from reporting at the [...]

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Snow: Visiting in Yarl’s Wood

Image by Vee Travers, a volunteer with the Yarl's Wood Befrienders This piece is written by Ali Brumfitt about their experience visiting as a volunteer befriender for Yarl’s Wood Befrienders (YWB). Ali now works part time as volunteer coordinator for YWB. In February I woke up one morning to find it had snowed heavily overnight. The wind had blown the snow [...]

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“For me, Yarl’s Wood was another torture”

Image by @Carcazan. Content warning: rape, self-harm, suicide This piece comes from Gabby (not her real name), an activist campaigning against immigration detention in the UK. She was detained in Yarl’s Wood twice in 2017 before being released to continue her asylum claim within the community. She is now an active member of Women for Refugee Women’s network, regularly performing her [...]

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Resisting state violence: The Yarl’s Wood hunger strike

Image by @Carcazan This blog comes from Fidelis Chebe, Project Director at Migrant Action. Migrant Action is a small organisation based in Leeds providing information, guidance, advocacy support and direct practical assistance to migrants who do not fit into ‘neat’ categories of migration, including those who have been detained or are at risk of detention. In February 2018, 120 people detained [...]

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Theresa: Letter from a hunger-striker

Image by @Carcazan. Content warning: suicide  This letter was sent to the Duncan Lewis Public Law team by Theresa (not her real name), a young mother, from Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre. It was originally published by No Walls. Theresa was one of the leaders of the high-profile hunger-strikes earlier this year. She wrote this letter the same evening that she had been refused [...]

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Detained for sleeping rough

Increased detention and deportation of EU citizens from the UK has been in the news for some time, especially in the context of debates surrounding Brexit.  NELMA has been working with EU citizens who have been detained while sleeping rough.    North East London Migrant Action (NELMA) and The Public Interest Law Unit at Lambeth Law Centre have been granted permission for a [...]

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If I am ever detained

There is understandably huge interest in knowing what immigration detention centres look like: barbed wire and prohibition of cameras inside the centres increase people’s curiosity.  But can you see the impact of immigration detention with your eyes?  What does immigration detention do to us? In this blog, Eiri Ohtani (@EiriOhtani), the Project Director of the Detention Forum shares her reflection and [...]

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Week 2: #Unlocked17 visits Yarl’s Wood

This week Unlocking Detention visited Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire. Like other centres, it is isolated and hard to reach. However, with space for up to 304 women and 68 families, it is notorious for the detention of women. Stephen Shaw said it hosts “one of the largest concentrations of women deprived of their liberty anywhere in Western Europe”. Women are [...]

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