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“Do you know what immigration detention is?” Part 2 Told by Mrs A, expert-by-experience

Yesterday, we published part 1 of Mrs A's contribution to Unlocking Detention, submitted by her solicitor at Duncan Lewis.  In part 2 of her blog, Mrs A continues to describe her experience of and take on immigration detention in the UK. Do you know what immigration detention is?  Part 2 Prison-like conditions and little privacy Detention centres are built to the [...]

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Week 7: #Unlocked16 visits Yarl’s Wood

Week 7 of Unlocking Detention saw us virtually visit Yarl's Wood detention centre, perhaps the best known of all the UK's sites of detention.  Opened in 2001 at a cost of £100 million, with an original capacity of 900 bed spaces, the centre was burnt down three months later in a fire. It reopened in 2003 on a smaller scale - [...]

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Q&A with Mayalex, currently detained in Yarl’s Wood

This week Unlocking Detention has been ‘visiting’ Yarl's Wood detention centre - perhaps the best known of all the UK's sites of detention, and which will once again be the site of protest on 3 December.  Earlier this week, Ben from Detention Action conducted a Q&A with 'Mayalex' who is currently detained in Yarl's Wood.  We tweeted the interview live this [...]

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Journey to Yarl’s Wood – video

A must watch video - raw, direct and human - on visiting Yarl's Wood. Take a journey with Sarah Cope, a volunteer visitor with Yarl's Wood Befrienders, as she visits the detention centre. 

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When I sing, I sing for them. When I speak, I speak of them. When I shout, I am shouting about them.

By Jess Anslow, Coordinator of Yarl’s Wood Befrienders. Visiting women who are being indefinitely detained in Yarl’s Wood IRC is challenging. It is challenging because you witness injustice. Injustice coming from a country that is known and admired across the world for its justice. There is justice in the criminal courts, and justice for victims of violence and justice for the wrongly [...]

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Taking detention drama straight to the heart of Parliament

This blog post was written for Unlocking Detention by John Tomlinson of Strawberry Blond Curls Theatre Company, (@SBC_Theatre) who performed their play 'Tanja' at this week's Sanctuary in Parliament event. We, Strawberry Blonde Curls Theatre Company, are John Tomlinson (that’s me) and Rosie MacPherson. We’ve been working together for about five years now. I’m a producer and Rosie is a brilliant [...]

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“They want us to imprison and deport ourselves”

This post was written for Unlocking Detention by Stuart Crosthwaite, Secretary of the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG),  with thanks to the refugees and asylum seekers quoted here (some names changed) and to John Grayson whose 'academic activism' contributed to this article.  This post was published as our partner Justice Gap's #Unlocked15 article of the week. The first [...]

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#Unlocked15 ‘visits’ Yarl’s Wood

Last week, Unlocking Detention paid a virtual visit to perhaps the UK's best known detention centre, Yarl's Wood - known for all the wrong reasons.   Yarl's Wood is one of the detention centres where women can be detained, and has become notorious as the site of widespread allegations of abuse.  It has also become the site of widespread protest, with huge [...]

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Pregnancy ought to be a happy time: women in Yarl’s Wood

This post was written for Unlocking Detention by Heather Jones, who visits women detained in Yarl's Wood. In 2014 ninety-nine pregnant women were detained in Yarl’s Wood.  This was despite Home Office Guidance which includes a list of people whom the Home Office thinks should be considered suitable for detention in only very exceptional circumstances.  The list includes ‘Pregnant women, unless there is [...]

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“It’s like an apartheid that’s gone underground”

This blog post was written by June, who is currently detained in Yarl’s Wood.  This piece was originally published on Women for Refugee Women's blog and has been republished with their kind permission here. Yarl’s Wood is like prison, your freedom has been taken away, your rights don’t apply. They talk to you like you’re a child. If the fire alarm [...]

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