Take action

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Spread the word

Many people are unaware that the UK detains people indefinitely. Detention centres are often remote and isolated – out of sight and out of mind.

As a first step, we want people to know that this is happening. Help us to spread the word about the injustice of immigration detention.

Get involved in Unlocking Detention – follow us on Twitter and Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same. Tweet using #Unlocked18. Read our blogs and share them online.

Share the voices of experts-by-experience – people who have experienced immigration detention themselves. You’ll read some of their posts during the #Unlocked18 tour. You can also learn about Freed Voices – a group of experts-by-experience – on the Detention Action website.

Another way to raise awareness is to write to your local newspaper.

For facts, figures and stories you can use to help spread the word, see our resources page. You can also read about the changes we want to see.

Join a campaign

Liberty’s #ItsAboutTime campaign is calling for a 28-day time limit. You can read more about their campaign and about immigration detention on their website. You can sign their petition asking the Home Secretary to introduce a 28-day time limit, or organise an event for the campaign.

These Walls Must Fall is a growing network of groups, organisations, communities and people, coming together to challenge immigration detention. Learn more about the movement here, and sign up to the These Walls Must Fall newsletter to read campaign updates.

Contact your MP

You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here. You can send them a letter, or ask to meet them to talk about indefinite detention. In particular, please encourage your MP to attend Sanctuary in Parliament 2018 on Monday 12th November.

You can also send a postcard to your MP asking them to add their name to Liberty’s 28-day Time Limit Pledge.

Talk to your local council or trade union

Manchester, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Islington and Liverpool councils have all passed These Walls Must Fall motions opposing immigration detention. See this simple how-to guide on getting a council motion passed.

You can also see these steps to getting a trade union motion (resolution) against immigration detention.


If you can commit time regularly, you could consider volunteering to visit someone in detention. On AVID’s website, you can read about becoming a volunteer visitor and find a visiting group near you.

Alternatively, many of our member organisations need volunteers to help them in their work. View the list of members here.

Do you have an event or campaign that you would like us to tell people about? Let us know – get in touch with detentionforumcoordinator@gmail.com.