Unlocked blog: writing guidelines

Hello! Thank you for considering writing a blog piece for our Unlocking Detention website. Here are some guidelines.

  • Your piece should be primarily about immigration detention.  We are particularly interested in your experiences and your views, how it has impacted your community, friends and family, and what you want to see changed.  Poems, photos, paintings are all welcome.
  • Your text can be as short as several hundred words, up to about 1,500 words.
  • If you are writing about your own experiences, make sure that you do not disclose information that you don’t want other people to know.  If we are not sure, we will email you back to check.
  • If you are writing about someone’ else’s experience, we recommend that you get that person’s permission first.
  • We do not tolerate rude, aggressive or violent language.
  • You can remain anonymous if you prefer.  If so, please let us know.
  • We reserve the right to decide whether to publish your piece on our website or not.

Please send your piece to lisa@righttoremain.org.uk